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Tour group at the Neolithic site of Wayland’s
Smithy, near the Uffington White Horse

Stone Seekers Tours offers a wide range of fantastic field trips and tours that run throughout the year. These inspiring events will transform your experience of our ancient land and its monuments. Explore, with Peter, your heritage and think about the messages, left in stone, by our ancestors. What were they saying and what does all this mean to you right now.

Mini-bus tours are run periodically in association with Discover Dorset Tours. Please contact them for details, bookings and prices. Peter is the guide on these tours, and these trips are also available for private hire.

Although all our events are risk-assessed and we take all necessary care for your safety, we do not accept any responsibility for any personal accidents, injuries, or loss of possessions whilst on our events, or journeying to and from them.

Sacred Dartmoor Let Peter take you on a magical tour (day or weekend) of this ancient and beautiful landscape, based on his latest book, Dartmoor Mindscapes – Re-Visioning A Sacred Landscape. Stone circles, stone rows, rock basins, propped stones, and granite tors will be visited. Includes mediation, shamanic drumming, alignments, dowsing the energies, and much more! A truly magical and experiential tour, over one or two days.

Mystical Avebury is a full day that includes the main henge, West Kennet Avenue and Long Barrow, Silbury Hill, leys, dowsing and simulacra. It is a truly magical day (usually held in crop circle season) yielding many surprises even to regular Avebury visitors. Experiencing the St Michael Line energies dowsed through the landscape we finish the day with drumming inside West Kennet long barrow.

Shamanic Drumming at Avebury; an evening of dreams we walk, a drum-led procession, along the Kennet Avenue, before moving on to the 5,600 year-old West Kennet long barrow, where we witness the sunset before entering the dark chambers of the womb-tomb for chanting and drumming, didging and dancing!

West Kennet Long Barrow trip is based on Peter’s book on the chambered tomb.

Cerne Giant trip is based on Peter’s new book, a half day tour looking at the Giant, the abbey, sacred well and St Mary’s Church.

Mystical Winchester includes Arthur’s Court, Cathedral, megaliths around the city, St Catherine’s Hill, labyrinth and St Cross.

Glastonbury, where the St Michael Line races through the land, we visit the Abbey, St Johns, Mary Magdalene chapel, Chalice Well Gardens and Tor. This tour includes the price of entrance into the Abbey and Chalice Well Gardens.

Megaliths of the South Dorset Ridgeway. A full day that includes stone circles, megaliths, dolmens ley mark stones, astronomy and leys. Beautiful ridgeway walks and scenery and lots of stones – the ultimate trip for megalithomaniacs.

Central Dorset Sacred Sites. Full day or half day tours that includes the mighty Cerne Abbas Giant and sacred well, Knights Templar churches, sacred architecture. Several small churches are visited to study the pagan symbolism therein and the churches’ relationship to leys.

Sacred Abbotsbury is a full day or half day tours that takes in the hill fort, ruined abbey site, church symbolism, mark stones, hill top chapel, ending with dowsing and drumming circle at a ruined Knights Templar chapel in isolated, beautiful woodland. (Includes steep walk to hilltop chapel.)

Sacred Sites of the Purbecks, a half day which includes stone circle in beautiful woods, avenues of stones, walk up to ridgeway to see barrow cemetery, dowsing, leys and astronomy. (Includes one steep climb.)

Sacred Sites of East Dorset Full day or half day tours that includes the prehistory of Cranborne Chase, Knowlton Henges, Dragon Tree on ley line to Stonehenge, Dorset Cursus with its barrows and astronomy, a Roman road and lots of leys!

Pilgrimage Walks. These are profound full day walks that circle us 10-12 miles in a 6 hour journey of pilgrimage. We stop at chapels, stone sites, woods, barrows, crosses and others sacred places en route. Each year we plan a different pilgrimage route which are for the fairly fit only, please no young children, sorry!

Ley Hunting Around Central Dorset is a full day of following several leys around the landscape, calling in on churches, stones, crosses and barrows, dowsing and studying the pagan symbolism. Maiden Castle. An evening tour to explore Britain’s largest hillfort, including the labyrinthine ramparts, Neolithic remains and Romano-British temple remains. Dowsing, astronomy and leys all included, ending with viewing the sunset from the top of the ramparts.

Sacred Dorchester. A half-day circular walk around Dorset’s ancient county town, including Maumbury Henge, Roman remains, leys, and mark stones and pagan symbolism in churches.

The St Michael Line in Wessex. A full day, following the Michael and Mary currents associated with this famous ley across the Somerset landscape, calling at churches and hill top chapels. Does not includes Glastonbury, but visits lesser known but just as magical places either side of the town (still time to visit Glastonbury shops and sites at end of day!)

Talks and Presentations

About Talks and Presentations

Peter opening the convention in 2013.

Always informative and entertaining Peter gives regular presentations to local societies and groups, alternative centres, WI, U3A, Probus societies, universities, museums and colleges. All talks are fully illustrated PowerPoint presentations and can include a meditation at the beginning. Would your group like to host a talk, or go out on a tour, with Peter? Contact him to discuss it further. Peter’s talks are all PowerPoint presentations – with stunning images!

All events are open to the public – but check; some may require advance booking.

Topics include:

NEW TALK: Albion Dreamtime – Re-enchanting The Isle of Dragons (based on his new book, co-written with Sue Wallace)

Dragons – A History of Their Mythology and Symbolism

Dartmoor Mindscapes - Re-Visioning A Sacred Landscape (based on his new book)

Stolen Images - Pagan Symbolism In Christianity (based on his book)

The Cerne Giant – Landscape, Gods and the Stargate (based on his book)

West Kennet Long Barrow – Landscape, Shamans and the Cosmos (based on his book)

The Wessex Astrum – Sacred Geometry in a Mystical Landscape (based on his book)

Chambered Tombs of Europe – Places of the Dead and of the Living

Sacred Symbolism – from Cave Art to the Da Vinci Code

Passage Graves and Stone Circles of Ireland

Shamanic Landscape Shamanic Minds – Lessons from the movie Avatar

The Wonders of Ancient Egypt

Perceiving the Earth Spirit in the Landscape

Sacred Ancient Sites of Dorset

Stonehenge – Earth, Moon, Sun and Stars

What Makes A Sacred Site Sacred?

Leys Lines, dowsing and Earth Energies

Sacred Sites of Malta – Island of the Goddess

Astronomy at Ancient Sacred Sites

Pagan Symbolism in Christian Architecture

The Long Trip - Evidence for Shamanism in Prehistoric Britain

Sacred Ancient Sites of Dartmoor

The St Michael Ley Line

Mystical Avebury – Goddess Landscapes

Sacred Ancient Sites of Wessex


About Workshops

Peter walks one of Dartmoor's enigmatic and energized stone rows.

About Workshops

Peter guiding us to connect with the sacred landscape of Dartmoor.

About Workshops

Peter sits beneath a huge granite simulacra on Roos Tor, Dartmoor.

Avebury Dreamstones and Dragons

Sunday 23rd April 2023

Full-day interactive workshop, based in Avebury, the world’s largest stone circle. Includes mindful walks, dowsing the energies Michael and Mary currents of the St Michael Line, dowsing tuition, and gentle drum meditations around the stone circle, plus the Dreamtime symbolism of the stones, to connect with place, the ancestors, and Self. Advance booking only. Limited numbers. Only £25. Why not make a weekend of it in this area which is full of iconic ancient sites (see events listing page – April 22).

Dartmoor Mindscapes Weekend – 1: East side of the moor

Saturday 8th July and Sunday 9th July 2023

One of Pete and Sue’s magical weekends on Dartmoor, based on Peter’s book, Dartmoor Mindscapes and Sue and Pete’s book, Albion Dreamtime. Two days of mindful walking and connecting with the energies and ancestors of the moor, visiting tors, interacting with sacred sites such as stone circles and stone rows, plus simulacra, holed stones. Includes meditations, chanting and dowsing, silent walking, and an evening event to see the sunset. Sites will include Scorhill stone circle, Kestor, Tolmen Stone, Mardon Down stone circle and cairn circles, Spinster’s Rock and the Lustleigh Cleave rock shelter. Able walkers only. Advance booking only (this event is usually fully-booked!). £70 for weekend, or £35 per day (enquire for itinerary – new sites this year!). See also Sept 9-10 below (different sites).

Workshop - Dartmoor Mindscapes Weekend – 2: West side of the moor

Saturday 9th September and Sunday 10th September 2023

The second of Pete and Sue’s magical weekends on Dartmoor this year, based on Peter and Sue’s books, ‘Dartmoor Mindscapes’ and ‘Albion Dreamtime’. Two days of mindful walking and connecting with the energies and ancestors of the moor, visiting tors, interacting with sacred sites such as stone circles and stone rows, plus granite simulacra. Includes meditations, chanting and dowsing, silent walking, and an evening walk to see the sunset. Sites will include Yellowmead, Brisworthy stone circle and stone rows, Drizzlecombe and Hawk’s Tor. Able walkers only. Advance booking only (this event is often fully-booked!). £70 for weekend, or £35 per day. See also July 8-9 on events page (different areas and sacred sites to be visited).